Tortillas for Teupasenti

An outreach program established in 2000 by The First Congregational Church of Kent Connecticut United Church of Christ to provide an additional weekly meal to the children of the Children’s Rescue Mission in Teupasenti Honduras

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The History of Tortillas for Teupasenti

In 1998, after Hurricane Mitch devastated the island, Honduran native Miguel Giron established the Children’s Rescue Mission (CRM) in his hometown of Teupasenti.

Within two years, a community center was built to further the two main mission goals; vocational training and feeding the children.

In 2002, our church raised $5,000 and with a matching grant from Heifer Project International, fifteen acres of good farmland was bought and a dairy cattle and chicken raising operation was started.

In 2003, 7 members of our congregation spent a week in Teupasenti, serving meals, sorting donated clothing and planting seeds at the farm.Miguel struggled with the extreme poverty, and great need to serve more nutritious meals to the children.

At that time, the cost to feed a child one meal was 50¢ and the cost to provide one meal to all 450 children at the mission was $225.00.Our church family was able to raise the $11,700 necessary to feed our “adopted” children one extra meal each week.

We have been raising money to feed the children every year since.The number of children served at CRM has grown to over 700.

You can help us continue this rewarding mission by sending in a donation.100% of you support will go to the feeding of the children in Teupasenti

The First Congregational Church of Kent Connecticut